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Industry Marketing Content - Done For You?

It's not common to find an industry professional with over 26 years experience in business, and across all of the Professional Services sectors, 17 years in Financial Services, and a published writer.

If you do find someone of this description, chances are, they're not willing to write and partner with you.

My fundamental intention within the professional services industry is to contribute and make a profound difference to other professionals within our allied industries. This alone is rare to find.

One of the ways I can combine my passion, as well as make a difference, is through writing. We all know, content is KING! Not only do you need to be sharing content online and on social media, but you also need it to be informative, interesting, unique and professional. 

It's also preferable that YOU own the content as well.

I currently write for numerous professional services companies, groups and individuals. Over the last 18 months I have written over 150 articles, produced and edited close to 100 videos and I've also written several training manuals.

If you need professional industry content... I'm your Man! 

My prices are also very reasonable. Let's have a chat and see if we're a good fit.

Professional Industry Content
Article Writing
Videography and Editing
Video Content
Induction and Training Manuals
Training Manuals

Professional & unique articles

Affordable, unique, interesting, professional industry articles - done for you! Short articles are often better to capture interest.

Design a VALUE PACK that suits you. Combine, articles and video for a complete social media, blog, and website content solution. Check out my articles on my Blog or Linked In


from $55 per 500 words.


Various video types to choose 

I can build you many types of videos from 6 sec Teasers, Summary Videos, Explainers, as well as Team Training Videos for your new team video library.

I'll record your Lender BDM trainings and edit them into a professional training series.

Editing, Intro's, Outro's, Pop-up's and sub-titles included.


from $55 ea


Team induction manuals & more

Because I have a strong professional services background, I'm uniquely positioned to create and contribute to building you a very comprehensive and informative team training manual. You can also choose to build it section by section to fit within your training budget.