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By: john | September 27, 2017

what's in store for our banking, finance and allied professional services sectors?
the future of financial services

The future of finance & banking is being built right now, but Brokers won't have access to it when it's ready.

By: john | September 04, 2017

Regulatory relaxation on the cards
Small Business Loans

Access to finance a problem for small business - an industry opportunity?

By: john | September 03, 2017

property investing
which direction for property investing?

Recent corelogic results revealed that for the first time in a long time, property prices have flat-lined in Sydney and produced zero growth for the month of August. This suggests that the boom-time gain as far as Sydney is concerned is likely to be over.

The Melbourne market appears to still be moving upward, although industry leaders such as John McGrath (and others) are now predicting that Melbourne could be ready to come off the boil very shortly as well.

Does this mean that property investment [capital growth] returns are over for years to come, in Australia? Answer: No - it doesn't.

Australia is essentially governed by 2 different markets, of which these can further be sub-divided (excuse the unintended pun) into regional and city zon...

By: john | September 03, 2017

4 corners tv segment
four corners logo

Four Corners not interested in 'dull' property & finance market views.... or the truth?