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By: john | September 05, 2017

What's in store for the near future
Sunny Days ahead?

Following the recent release of property market conditions data, by Corelogic, suggesting a definitive shift in the economic clock for investors and home buyers in Sydney, you can virtually hear the industry sigh in relief as confidence returns along with the Spring Sun.

Such data has a way of calming the waters and creating definite actions and direction within the industry - something we've been waiting for for some time now. Even if the news is not exactly great for everyone, at least we know what we're dealing with.

Uncharacteristic market behaviour in Sydney and Melbourne has seen many industry leaders a little shy or reticent of airing their opinions publicly at the risk of getting it wrong. I for one can definitely relate to this at times. When the market is doing unfamiliar things, it's often difficult to gather clear thoughts and know who to turn to for a trusted synopsis on market conditions, especially when many opinions are opposing and even contradictory at times.

Watch out for many of the industry thought leaders much more willing to speak publicly about their thoughts about what's next for real estate and finance around the country. I expect we will hear from many we haven't heard from for a while.

Although there is always bound to be opposing views and opinions I feel that majority of the commentary will be singing the same air of confidence among original thoughts and specialist content. It will also be a welcome relief to the professional services industry and maybe a break from the doom and gloom, doomsday anthems and industry bashing that we have begun to grow accustom to hearing week in week out.

John J Maxwell, senior mortgage and finance consultant, Cocalex Consulting

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About the author:

John Maxwell is founder and Senior Finance & Business Strategist at Cocalex Consulting. John has over 17 years' experience in the financial services sector, and has owned and managed 9 mortgage franchises and has developed a background across the holistic financial services realm. He has particular focus and passion for: Leadership Training and Development, Franchise Development and Business Networking.

Clearer market outlook will bring out much more industry leader commentary


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