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By: john | October 27, 2017

Arrogance no longer acceptable
Arrogance not longer a virtue

Arrogance in the industry is no longer acceptable

Do youremember the time when, as a financial services professional, one needed toshow their strength and determination by way of dominance and overbearingcharacter traits?

It soundslike something out of the movie Wall Street or Glengarry Glen Ross.


No matterhow dramatic an analogy that may seem, the financial services industry hasalways been known as an industry full of arrogance and Alpha dominance, whereby flexing of the ‘muscle’ showed strength and leadership and was even admiredin some way.


As societychanges, so does culture and values. The more things change, the more we seemto be moving towards empowering mass movements and forcing change through vocalizingour needs, wants and dislikes through the means of social media platforms and apps.Just as technology has changed immensely so has the attitudes and societalexpectations in the way we live and the expectations of our environments atplay, at home and at work.


So, it’s nosurprise that the time has come for the financial services to evolve not onlyin the tangible aspects of tools and gadgets and technological advancements butalso in terms of values, attitude and culture.


Gone arethe days of heavy handed gestures and control mechanisms. Old fashioned stylesof leadership and management are being replaced with a more empowering approachof transformational learning and advanced communication & leadershipskills.


The harshattitudes, techniques and strategies are no longer accepted in the industry. Infact, those who want to excel and achieve greater recognition are wanting to beheld accountable and enabled within their role. A good leader wants to takeresponsibility and the ability to demonstrate what they are capable ofachieving.


We’reevolving fast as an advanced industry of experts and the industry as a whole isready to complete the puzzle and transform into everything we already know itcan be, and should be. Just thinking about this is very refreshing and excitingto see organizations find their feet and shine. Leadership is a key element andas always, more individuals need to step up and lead the way. We’re not only readyfor it, we’re demanding it!


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